Noob on the block

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Noob on the block

Postby }{yBr!D^ » Sat Jun 15, 2019 16:53 pm

Hello all,

Thanks for having me here, I'm also eager in learning a lot about bikes in general. I did my own research here and there and I will be asking (hopefully) appropriate questions that won't hurt your brains (in the level of my ignorance in the subject). I'm not looking for best bang for my buck but nothing too outrageous.. I do plan to hit trails (since there are NO mountains in FL)... So, I'm pretty sure a HT will suffice. Just looking for stiffness and great components/hardware... as I have shopped around the brands I happened to catch someone say "GO FULL CUSTOM or BUST!" .. I build custom gaming rigs and I mod my personal vehicle so, doing the same with bikes would be simple knowing what I'm looking at...

I look forward to your guidance... pave or gravel my path... or help me along the way heh...

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