Got the bike - what next????

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SMurf 2.0
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Got the bike - what next????

Postby SMurf 2.0 » Fri Sep 21, 2007 16:51 pm

Hello All,

As with a lot of others on this forum, I have decided to start riding MTBs again after nearly 10 years away from the sport. Anyway, i've ordered a GT Avalnche 2.0 from my local dealer and will be picking it up on Monday.

Now i've got the bike sorted, what are the most important items I should be looking at buying next, in relation to kit for riding and maintaining my bike. To start with, the shop has given me 40 quid to spend at the shop, so I really want to be spending that on the important things and not wasting it.

Hope you can help me and I look forward to getting out on the new bike.

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Postby Torres » Fri Sep 21, 2007 17:01 pm

Welcome! I supose the most crucial thing will be a helmet, they're normally around £30 and should be what you look to get first. Puncture repair kit will also be something that you'll need over time, so investing in one of them would be a good idea.
After that things like gloves, glasses and hydration packs are things you might want to look at, depending on your budget and riding style.

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Postby russ0228 » Fri Sep 21, 2007 17:05 pm

glad to have you on board.
you need these to get you going; helmet, multi tool, patch kit/spare tube,tyre levers and a pump. oh and don't forget last but not least, a healthy dose of F.U.N. enjoy !!!

p.s. maybe a pair of gloves for when you crash as it's better to buy a new pair for £20. rather then having you butt cheaks grafted on to your palms. you know what they say about having hairy palms.

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Postby dunker » Fri Sep 21, 2007 23:47 pm

gloves (not mitts as it's winter almost)
rain proof jacket
mudguards, crud catchers hopefully :)
padded shorts
some kind of backpack with a hydration system (or bottle+cage+ruksack)
puncture repair kit+mini pump+tyre levers
lights+batteries (rechargables+recharger)
spare inner tubes
lubes, finish line wet chain lube, finish line teflon grease

haggle alot :)

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Postby jayson » Sat Sep 22, 2007 16:23 pm

A helmet, decent pair of gloves to protect ur hands when the innevitable happens and u come a cropper and a comfortable pair of shorts are the first things i would buy in ur position, the rest of the gear can be got as and when u need it.

SMurf 2.0
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Postby SMurf 2.0 » Sat Sep 22, 2007 18:45 pm

Thanks for the advice and tips. I'll be picking up a helmet and gloves when I pick up the bike. Other than shorts, what other kinds of pants are recommeded for going out for a quick blast at night after work. At the moment not really attracted to the lycra sort.

To start with at night I'll just be sticking to around town so I think i'll get a set of lights too.

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Postby Big n Daft » Sat Sep 22, 2007 19:12 pm

Baggies are your best bet,

They have the pad but don't give so much of a "snooker balls in a sock" look when your off the bike.

If your on the road at night, as well as lights on the bike, (a legal requirement) have a look at either some fireflies (small lights that clip to you or a bag etc) or a reflective sam browne belt.

Always worth being as visible as possible.
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