£300 hardtail bikes

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Postby supersonic » Wed Sep 19, 2007 14:00 pm

Its mot that the forks brake - its that they are undamped and have no control in the rough. Thats not rubbish, though the forks are.

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Postby Steve_b77 » Thu Sep 20, 2007 18:45 pm

I bought a GT Aggresson XC2.0 from Halfords about 5 weeks ago, I've been out 3-4 time a week round delamere forest since and I find it great.

Had a bit of a ball ache setting up the gears in the Kitchen (where I put it together) but other than that it's great - well I think so anyway :wink:

From what my neighbour has said (he's got a Commencal 5.5) the components are pretty good for the price too all Shimano Deore with 2-way shifers and Truvanti Cranks, with a Rock Shox Dart2 up front.

That's probably be the first thign to upgrade me think.

Other than that great bike for the money for fire road, single track and XC for a newbie to the world of MTB'ing

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