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Postby lost-time » Sat Aug 11, 2007 19:28 pm

My other-half-to-be is around the 5'1.5'' mark and she has a 13'' Rockhopper. She got it upgraded to basic shimano hydraulic discs as the model she got came with disc ready hubs. I think it was around £600 all in back in '05. The forks are a little 'pants' but are fine for her.

The sizing is the best we could get at that time. She is quite short in the leg so she tends to have the saddle quite low but it seems to do her OK. She rode it well in southern Spain last year anyway.

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Postby kona-girly » Sat Aug 11, 2007 22:47 pm

Depending on how much you want to spend... if you werent looking to go too expensive I had a go on a trek 4300 disc and I really liked it (im no expert tho!) and think they do a 13" one. Can't say how the size compares coz Im 5"7 - a 16" felt too small so tried the 18" one and it was perfect. My LBS has them on special offer for £269 (rrp £370) They look really smart too. I tried this and the womens version of the same bike (which is £299 but doesn't have disc brakes) and I actually prefered the guys one.

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Postby kona-girly » Sat Aug 11, 2007 23:28 pm

Duhhh.... just to add, only read the first page there....... so, yeah, erm, trek 4300, maybe im psycic!!!

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Postby Mrs Toast » Sat Aug 18, 2007 14:43 pm

Well, after much researching and trawling around bike shops, I went to (fairly) local bike shop that sells Trek, Specialized and Giant. The staff were really good, and pretty much demanded that I took the bikes for a mile long test ride! I tried standing on a bloke's 16" Trek 4300, and it was waaaay too big. :s

I test rode the 14" and 16" 4500 WSD, and although I didn't feel a huge amount of difference, I did start to feel a slight ache across the back of my neck and shoulders on the 16". So I got the 14". Yay!

Cheers for the advice, everyone!

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