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Sorry, Its a "What Bike" Question!

Posted: Fri Aug 22, 2008 18:35 pm
by steve23
hi guys.....

i want to get back into MTB'ing after about 4 years away!!! i used to ride a lot of downhill, which i loved!

im after a new bike though, as my old one has had it, but ive lost touch onwhats good or not!!!

im after a do it all bike, so "freeride" style (i think!)

i need a bike that will be a great all rounder, but that i can realy give some stick to on the downhills too.

my budget is £800, with a possible stretch to £1,000, but that is if theres a bike that i fall in love with for that price!!!

oh, id prefer it to be full sus too!!!

any info would be great, cheers guys.

Posted: Mon Aug 25, 2008 20:29 pm
by Wooohooo! ... c014340...?

This is probably the one you will get suggested a few times as they are very popular, backed up with them being very good however is this isn't to your liking (:lol:)

I have a Carrera Banshee XXX and its awesome... Handles DH easily and has a really good spec for the money... ... x-08-32168

Only drawback is that it is quite heavy on the uphills, but you have to go down once you've gone up and thats what it does best! :twisted: :wink:

Posted: Mon Aug 25, 2008 20:44 pm
by grumsta
Pitch comp for £1000 - biketreks is a top shop too ... Itemid,68/

I have the Pro and I love it - I can really hammer it downhill but it climbs brilliantly as well. Check out some of the reviews.